In addition to Cuba, following Create Curious Travel Destinations

cuna number of countries in the world had experienced a prolonged conflict, so as isolated from the outside world. But after the peaceful conditions, these countries turned into a tourist destination that must to visit.

After years closed for a tourist visit, these countries make tourists curious to explore every corner of the city. Here’s a new tourist destination that must be visited, as quoted Huffingtonpost, Thursday (05/07/2015).


In January of this year, Cuba loosening travel restrictions that have been conducted for 54 years to tourists. During this time, the foreigners who enter Cuba only in the framework of a humanitarian mission or take education. However, tourists are now no longer need to apply for special permission to enter Cuba. Travelers can perform a number of tourist activities in Cuba.

After 50 years of isolation by oppressive regimes, Myanmar re-open to tourists. In the last three years, the number of tourists visiting Myanmar continues to increase. Myanmar tourist attraction consists of Buddhist sacred buildings and the lives of its people are diverse.

Montenegro only became a state in 2006, so it is still not very well known by the traveler. The attractiveness of the tour is the 183-mile coastline along the romantic with a range of Venetian home. Now, tourism in Montenegro continues to grow, as evidenced from 7.3 million tourist arrivals last year.

Not unexpectedly Iran positioning itself to become a tourist destination in the world. According to a number of travel sites, Iran has recently reported a 200 percent increase in the number of tourists from Europe. Iran tourism attractions are the ruins of ancient buildings and historic sites. In addition, the friendly locals make tourists very comfortable walking around to every corner of the city in Iran.

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Messi Barca said to livescore 123 our team Win because we’re Lucky

Football - FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Semi Final First Leg - The Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain - 6/5/15 Barcelona's Lionel Messi celebrates scoring their second goal Reuters / Gustau Nacarino
Football – FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich – 

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi assess the win over Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, May 7, 2015 early morning tinged with luck. Nevertheless La Pulga remain satisfied with what has been achieved by the club.

In a match that took place at the Camp Nou, the Blaugrana which had been difficult to break into the Bayern goal. Accounting for more than five earned Barca a golden opportunity in goal throughout the match failed to bear fruit.

But when the game entered the final phases, Messi scored twice. Before augmented by grain goals from Neymar flick Junior in the final minutes of the match. Seeing these conditions make Messi then provide comments.

He considered the victory over Bayern Barca is a very strong smell of luck. “We are fortunate to have scored the first. I’m so happy with that goal. Because we previously had trouble scoring, and I think it is a very important goal, “Messi said as quoted by live soccer 123, Friday (08/05/2015).

“After that came the next goals quickly. We’ve made it through this fight with the results in accordance with our expectations. However, I think we must remain alert to Bayern in the second leg, “added the 27-year player.

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It Happens When People Experiencing Death

bodMost of the people do not like to think about what happens to our bodies when dead later. But apparently, the death of a person can give birth to a new life in a way that is unexpected.

As reported MosaicScience, Wednesday (06/05/2015), the bodies of people who died turned out to be filled with new life. What will happen to the body of the deceased? Here Okezone describe what happens after people die.

Digestion Yourself

Far from the word ‘dead’, rotting corpse turns out full of life. More and more scientists are seeing decomposing bodies as the basis for a broad and complex ecosystem that will emerge soon after death and evolve as a result of decomposition.

Decomposition begins a few years after the death through a process called autolysis or self-digestion. Shortly after the heart stops, the cells of the human body will be starved of oxygen, causing the level of acidity that would be a toxin produced from a chemical process.

In August 2014, forensic scientists Java Gulnaz of Alabama State University in Montgomery and his colleagues published a study of selg-digestion process. Immediately after death, the immune system will stop working and leave the bacteria to spread throughout the body freely. It usually starts in the intestines, at the junction between the small and large intestine.

Over time, these bacteria will devour the whole body of the bodies of the deceased. The first body part to be eaten by bacteria that are intestines and then the surrounding tissue.


Researchers from Sam Houston State University (SHSU) revealed after bacteria digest the body parts of the deceased’s body, the bacteria will escape from the gastrointestinal tract, and the process of decay began.

Marked decay of species of aerobic bacteria that require oxygen to grow. These bacteria then eat the body tissues and cause fermentation of sugars in dalamnyamenghasilkan gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which accumulate in the body and abdomen corpse.

Scientists from Sam Houston State University (SHSU) also revealed the presence of insects that eat away the corpse. The insect is a dead body considers a new habitat for them, the insects are ‘living’ in the body of the dead bodies of insect species is also known as ‘dead eating’.

Colonization Maggots

Decomposing body would invite many flies to perch, flies were then produce 250 eggs that hatch within 24 hours shortly after a man died, it causes the colonization of the first stage maggots. They eat rotten meat in the human body and then develop into maggots larger.

Not only maggots, flies presence also attract other predators such as bark beetles, mites, ants, wasps and spiders, which then also will lay eggs and produce larvae in bodies.

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How To Keep Personal Information in WhatsApp

cara-menjaga-informasi-pribadi-di-whatsapp-W1crgcCbN3Internet-based messaging app, WhatsApp, no doubt has become the most popular software in the world. But maybe not many people know how to optimize its use.

The following is quoted from Hongkiat, Thursday (07/05/2015), presented tips to optimize the use of WhatsApp, by hiding personal information on the account.

At WhatsApp users can monitor the activity of other users to see whether he is online, or when the last time the account was opened. The way is easy, just tap the user account in question, at that very moment you can see the activity.

But if desired, you can hide the fact that the premise of maintaining privacy. Steps were also not difficult, for Android users, simply enter the following menu, select the account, then select Privacy.

As for iPhone users, can be entered in the Settings menu, chat settings, Advanced, then turn off the feature last seen timestamp.

Through the menu the user can set a variety of things, ranging from hiding status, profile picture, to online activities. You can also set the (active / non-active) read report feature.

If you disable read report, then other users will not be able to monitor whether a message sent to you has been read or not.

But as a side note, if you hide your personal information from others, then you also will not be able to monitor the activity of other users through your WhatsApp account.

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